About Us




The Lily Green Foundation came into life on Febuary 29th 2012. A Special Day in the Calendar when all sorts of good things are supposed to happen.

As parents we have become increasingly worried about the problem of Graduate Unemployment and what is becoming to be known as the Lost Generation. Young people who have spent years at school, trained over years to focus and pass exams. On they go to university. take on life long debts of frightening proportion, but emerge unable to get a job at the end because they havent got the right experience, and cant afford to take unpaid interernships.

Our aim is to find ways to help them get that experience in a commercial enviroment, to pay them a living wage whilst they do it, and if possible find long term employment once they leave us.

The foundation is named after Lily Green , my elderly aunt who when I was a boy had an unswerving belief in my potential, and was delighted with every achievement, no matter how small. Everbody needs a Lily to support and encourage them.

Alan Paulus