Get Involved



If your looking for work experience with wages, and live locally then do get in touch with us. email us

At the moment we are looking for people with a background in video creation and marketing / PR. Our placements are for a period of 12 weeks so we are always looking for new people

If you are already employed then what we need is your support. You can join us on facebook and keep in touch with what we are trying to do, and talk to everyone you know about it. This is a community based foundation that can only work with the support of the community.

You may be or know of a local employer who can give some real help to a young person. For example if you're a small company who wants to market their products you could go to a marketing company, pay thousands of pounds and be one of a number of their clients. Alternatively you could with our help employ a local currently unemployed young marketing graduate for a set period of time, someone who is brimming with ideas, versed in the latest techniques, and hungry for success, It will cost you less, and you will have their complete attention. You help them, you help your community, and you help your company. The same scenario works for just about any type of graduate you can think off, what ever the project, stop and consider could you use a bright young person to help?

For the video project we are looking for companies & organisations to create videos for, which can then be used on your own web sites. We will charge you to make them, just enough to cover the expenses, wage and equipment costs. A fraction of what a commercial organisation would charge. Again our project benefits and so do you.

Any other help you can give is warmly welcomed. If you can think of a project that leads to employment or paid work experinece for young people we would love to know about it.

To get in touch with us use the contacts page or facebook.