Lilys Language Lessons

A good project takes advantage of the skills and enthusiasm of its participants,and following a suggestion from within we have created "Lily's Language Lessons" a series of short Modern Language Conversation videos aimed at GSCE students. Each video is available to view with or without english subtitles.

As always your feedback is appreaciated. Click on the picture to access the video



French - At the Boulangerie

French - At the Boulangerie - subtitled

2French - In the Park

2French - at the park c/w subtitle


3French - At the Doctors 3French - At the Doctors - subtitled 4 French -Rreality TV 4 French - Reality TV - subtitled
5. French - The Enviroment 5.French - The Enviroment subtitled 6. French - Decorations 6. French - Decorations - subtitled
7. French - Missing the party 7. French - Missing the party - Subtitled 8. French - The Book Club 8. French - The Book Club Subtitled
9.French - Train Tickets 9.French - Train tickets 10.French Going Travelling 10. French - Going Travelling Subtitled






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